Things Caterers Should Do Before Handling a Corporate Catering Function

Different companies, institutions, and organizations hold corporate events several times in a year today. Catering functions cannot be successful if the caterers don’t observe certain catering guidelines. Catering could actually be a double-edged sword. It can make or break the reputation of the caterer. What the caterers need to know is the expectation of the client before, during and after the catering function. If those offering corporate catering Melbourne has today stick to the specifications of their clients, they stand a chance of getting new clients right in the function of the day. See the guidelines the caterers should follow before the function begins to realize successful catering:

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Gather all the relevant information

Different catering functions have different catering details that the caterer is expected to meet. The caterer ought to know the time, date, and venue of the occasion. On the other hand, the caterers should know the menu specifications of their client based on the number and type of guests they intend to host. The client should also share their budget with the caterers and probably express the way they expect the event to be handled. If the client is unable to provide all this information, then the caterers Melbourne has today may offer suggestions depending on the client’s requirements, situation’s limitations and the nature of the activity.

Sit with the client to discuss menu

When discussing the menu with the client, it’s very important for the caterer to get as many details concerning the menu as possible. Professional caterers don’t just answer the questions the client has for them. They also ask the client some questions based on what should make the function look excellent. Moreover, the experts in corporate catering Melbourne has today should give advice and suggestions based on the quality of the meals and drinks the client wants their guests to enjoy.

Put all pertinent details to writing

It’s good to come up with a contract form that both you and your client should agree on and stick to. Let nothing be verbal since this would bring more problems later. It’s actually possible to forget some of the pertinent things you had agreed on and do what was never discussed or agreed on. Some of the things you should put down into writing include table centerpieces, service procedures, dining room decorations, menu information, service time and dining area layout. Most Melbourne catering experts also expect the clients to formalize agreements concerning cancellation, and plan or procedure changes.

Come up with an excellent catering plan

Professional caterers don’t handle any function before they have come up with a good plan. Clients are happy and get more confident when they see a caterer with a well-outlined catering plan. The plan should indicate the specific duties assigned to each caterer, work schedules, the maximum number of people they serve, and a list of activities they do before the catering service begins. With such a plan, the client would be certain of excellent finger food catering services.

It’s not always good to just communicate with your caterers on phone and assume the deal is done. The best thing to do is to meet with the prospective clients to know what they exactly want and document it properly. The best way to provide excellent corporate catering Melbourne has to offer is by meeting with the clients and agree on the four things above. See more at