How to take care of your stone tile floor

Stone tile floors are a great choice for any home. They are also an excellent investment, as they are beautiful and durable. However, no matter how durable they are, stone tiles also need care and cleaning just like other flooring materials. Fortunately, cleaning them is easy and straightforward.

However, the harsh chemicals in most traditional cleaners can damage the surface of your floor. That’s why experts, like those at, recommend that you clean it with a soft mop and mild cleaner.

How to clean your stone tile floor

When cleaning stone tiles, you need to consider what type of material you have.

  • Slate tile. You may use a mild detergent to clean slate tiles, but do make sure that it doesn’t contain any acidic ingredients, like vinegar and lemon. If you have coated slate tiles, then you need to make sure that you completely dry them off with a soft towel right after cleaning them.
  • Marble tile. Marble is a stunning tile flooring material. However, it requires more care and maintenance, as it can easily get damaged. Make sure to avoid cleaning products that contain high pH levels, such as cleaners with vinegar or lemon. Likewise, refrain from using anything that may scratch the marble, such as scouring powders or brushes with hard bristles.
  • Granite tile. Granite tile, just like marble and slate tile, must be cleaned using a pH-neutral, mild detergent. If you insist on using a harsh cleaner, you risk leaving streaks of discolouration on the tile. Buffing a polished granite tile floor will keep it looking clean and shiny all the time.

The importance of cleaning tile grouts

When cleaning your tiles, you should also pay attention to the tile grout. If you neglect the grout, your home will end up looking less clean than you’d like it to be. You may also end up paying for expensive tile repairs sooner than expected. Here are more reasons why you need to clean your tile grout regularly.

  • Cleaning the tile grout can help your floors last longer
  • Dirty tile grout will make your house look old and dingy
  • Regularly cleaning your tile and grout can help safeguard your family’s health from germs and bacteria

If you find cleaning your tile grout too difficult or time-consuming, you can always get the help of professional floor cleaners like the ones at

How often should you clean your tile floors?

Sweep or vacuum at least once a week—or whenever there is visible dirt or stains on the floor. Use a soft-bristle attachment on your vacuum to clean your floor. You can use a hand broom and dustpan for corners and tight spaces where a vacuum doesn’t fit. You should also mop your kitchen tile floor once every two weeks and the tiles on your bathroom floor once a week. Make sure to spot clean your grout once every few months or so—or when it starts to look dirty.

The experts at Topline Floor Care make use of state-of-the-art technologies for floor cleaning. They also only use environmentally friendly cleaning products and non-abrasive cleaning materials, so you can be sure that your floor is in good hands. You can visit their page at if you want to know more about the services they offer.