Children and hunger: The cry for help

As a child, you live with a roof above your head, have a family that loves you, and have enough food to eat. You continue to live that way to adulthood–the simple and good life–secured, cared for, and always having a full tummy. Do you think it’s like that for every single person in this world? The answer is no. In fact, more than a hundred million of people in the world are hungry. If you’re part of the lucky percentage of people who are fed enough to eat, you are more than capable to contribute to food charities, like Food For Life (FFL), in helping them aid for starving children around the world. Be part of a mission to end world hunger.

Hunger is an alarming case

Hunger needs to be satisfied by eating because the human body needs food to survive. Out of 7 billion people in the world, 820 million people are starving–that’s reaching almost a billion! 70% of the poor around the world are farmers and their workers. Their families need aid for starving children and for all members of the household to survive.

Families of this noble profession of farming has suffered from earning low wages due to many factors, like corruption, destruction of crops, and bad bargain decisions. The same goes for fishermen, whose families are also suffering from starvation due to these factors that prevents them from having enough food on their tables. They should deserve to eat. Active children nonprofit organizations are doing what they can to combat hunger around the world.

What children deserve

Children, when they come to this world, deserve all the love, care, and attention. Imagine a child deprived of the basic needs to survive: food, safety, and knowledge. They would be in a state of suffering most well-off people have not experienced, unless they are put into their situation. What would happen to you when the tables have turned?

As part of this world, even a small help can be like ripples on the water. Those living in the state of poverty around the world deserve to be given aid for starving children, so that they could experience what’s more of life than being always hungry and searching for food.

Knowledge on veganism is power

Children who go to sleep hungry are also children who are struggling to stay in school or, worse, are uneducated at all. Most children from poor families do not know that they can satisfy their stomachs with good vegan food, rather than eating commercialized products and meat that costs higher than plant-based products. FFL educates poor families on the importance of having a vegan emergency food supply in case they run out of food.

Help Food for Life realize their mission

Becoming an affiliate of Food For Life is different from the FFL dealer meaning. It is often confused as similar terms, but the latter (FFL dealer) deals with firearms and the former (affiliate for FFL) deals with feeding children with vegan food every day.

What cause would you support more? Yes to veganism for hungry children! You can visit this link for more info: