A Simple Guide To Make Your Dreams And Aspirations Work

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Dreams And Aspirations

Philosophers have always said dreams give meaning to lives; otherwise life would be meaningless. Here are common dreams and aspirations people have:

  1. I want to be someone – now that establishes your identity on a societal scale whether if you want to a professional worker or a freelancer working for a living. Whatever you choose, you’re living a dream of your choice. There may be many roles you want yourself to adapt to and each one of them is valid.
  1. I want to create something – or be something you’re not yet. People are capable of creating innovations or reproduction. Men will always strive for convenience, perfection, and ambition. That’s why there is a constant need to create something and be something for the world or the self.
  1. I want to be recognized – The reward is an essential human need. Without reward, there would be no meaning for efforts done. According to Marcus Aurelius, “a man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions”. This statement means that recognizing the rewards gathered creates a sense of confidence to the individual.
  1. I want to live a life – a normal person would wish for a life they want. Whether it’ll be the good, great, lavish, or simple life, it’s well spent for a person who has determined dreams and aspirations on set to achieve. People living a life of poverty are driven to dream for a better life and people living a middle-class life are driven to achieve a higher status or maintain the status.
  1. I want to make a difference – because what good would dreams be if they don’t make a difference to society? The standards of the world have pushed individuals to contribute what they can to the world for the benefit of other people. Making a difference with your dream is more than just bliss for you, it will be your legacy to leave behind.

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Applying Ambition to Dreams and Aspirations

How do you apply ambition to dreams and aspirations? Here are three steps you need to make:

  1. Find What You’re Good At And Make It An Asset – Finding your inner strengths, talents or assets that may or may not be related to your dreams and aspirations, will eventually come in handy in supporting your dreams.
  1. Overlearn – be a lover of knowledge! Overlearning does not mean draining yourself from unwanted studying rather it is learning by choice: learning because you want to learn, not because you’re pushed to.
  1. Set Small And Big Goals – to be ambitious, you must start with small goals, like following a study habit than too big goals like scoring straight As. Train yourself for rigid dream achievement.

Dare To Dream

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